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Contact Information:

Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Humanities

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem



Areas of Specialization

    Ethics, Philosophy of Mind

Areas of Competence

    Epistemology, Metaphysics, Political Philosophy


    Lecturer (Tenure Track), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2016-Present

    Visiting Scholar, Cornell University (NEH Summer Institute), Summer 2016

    Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University, 2013-2016

    Teaching Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009-2013

    Teaching Assisant, Cleveland State University, 2007-2009


    2016    Syracuse University, Ph.D. (Philosophy).

                                    Dissertation: Seeing Right from Wrong

                                    Advisor: David Sobel


    2013    University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A. (Philosophy). 

                Advisor: David Sobel


    2009    Cleveland State University, M.A. (Philosophy). 

                Advisor: Diane Steinberg


    2007    University of Iowa, B.A.



Moral Perception, Philosophy Compass, forthcoming.

Teaching & Learning Guide: Moral Perception, Philosophy Compass, forthcoming.

Getting a Moral Thing into a Thought, Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 15, forthcoming.

Which Moral Properties are Eligible for Perceptual Awareness?, Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.

You Oughta Know: A Defence of Obligations to Learn, (with Teresa Bruno-Niño), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

Why conceptual competence won't help the non-naturalist epistemologist, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2018, 48(3-4):616-637.

An epistemic argument for liberalism about perceptual content, Philosophical Psychology, 2018, 32(1):143-159. 

Moral Perception Without (Prior) Moral Knowledge, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 2018, 15(2):164-181. 

A Posteriori Ethical Intuitionism and the Problem of Cognitive Penetrability, European Journal of Philosophy, 2017, 25(4):1791-1809.

Moral Perception and the Contents of Experience, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 13(3):294-317. 2016.

Character (alone) Doesn't Count: Phenomenal Character and Narrow Intentional Content, American Philosophical Quarterly, 52(3):261-272. 2015.

Self-Ownership and non-culpable proviso violations, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Vol.14(1):67-83. February 2015. 

Seemings: still dispositions to believeSynthese, Vol.191(8):1761-1774. May 2014. 



"Getting a Moral Thing into a Thought: Metasemantics for Non-Naturalists"

13th Annual Madison Metaethics Workshop, September 2018


"Toward a Perceptual Solution to Epistemic Objections to Non-Naturalism"

Colloquium at the University of Cyprus, November 2018 (invited)


"High-Level Experience and Low-Level Experience: No Dependence"

Colloquium at the University of Cyprus, November 2018 (invited)


"Voting as Signaling: A Defense of Spoiler Voting" (co-authored with W. Scott Looney)

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics, Annual Meeting, 2017


"Can We Be Criticized for Our Emotional Responses?"

Seton Hall University, 2016


"A Defense of Obligations to Learn" (co-authored with Teresa Bruno)

Joint Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy and North Carolina Philosophical Society, 2016


"Normative Asymmetry and Non-Naturalist Epistemology"

Central European University Summer Seminar on Moral Epistemology, 2014


"Comments on 'Utilitarianism, Intuitions, Rationality and Neuroscience', by Rosalind Abdool & Patricia Marino"

American Philosophical Association, 2014 Central Division Meeting


"Does Phenomenal Character Determine Intentional Content?"

American Philosophical Association, 2013 Central Division Meeting

Commentator: Esa Diaz-Leon


"Modal Semantics for Stage Theorists", 3/2012

2012 UT-Austin Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Commentator: Casey Woolwine


"Nozick's Tracking Theory and the Problem of Neural Malfunction", 3/2009

5th Annual University of Iowa Graduate Philosophical Society Conference

Commentator: Kristopher Philips


Book Review

"Explanation in Ethics and Mathematics, ed. Uri Leibowitz & Neil Sinclair"

Ethics, forthcoming. 


Teaching Experience

    As Instructor

The Metaphysics of Normative Authority
Fall 2018

A Priori Knowledge
Fall 2018

Moral Perception
Spring 2018

Philosophy of Emotion
Spring 2018

The Contents of Perceptual Experience
Fall 2017

Philosophy of Language
Fall 2017

Individuals and Collective Actions
Fall 2017

Philosophy of Perception
Spring 2017

Fall 2016 (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Moral Epistemology
Fall 2016-Spring 2017 (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Theories of Knowledge and Reality [Introductory Metaphysics and Epistemology]
Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 (Syracuse University)

Introduction to Philosophy
Summer 2012 (University of Nebraska)

Philosophy and Contemporary Issues [Introduction to Ethics]
Summer 2011 (University of Nebraska)


Philosophy for 8th Graders (Co-Taught)
Spring 2014 (Southside Academy Charter School, Syracuse, NY)



    Research Grant, The Israel Science Foundation, 2017-2020, "Moral Perception: How It Works and Why It Matters"

    Certificate for completion of NEH Summer Institute on Presupposition and Perception, Summer 2016 (Cornell University)

    Certificate in Moral Epistemology, Summer Seminar on Moral Epistemogy, Summer 2014

    Summer Research Grant, Syracuse University, 2014

    Departmental Travel Grant, Syracuse University, Summer 2014

    Hinman Fellowship in Philosophy, University of Nebraska, Spring 2013

    Departmental Travel Grant, University of Nebraska, Spring 2012

    Centennial Fellowship, University of Nebraska, 2009-2010


Conference and Project Organizing

Emotions and Perception in Moral Epistemology. The 5th Annual Project, Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy. Project ran from 2018-2019; conference in June 2019.

The Borders of Perception (co-organizer with Elvira Di Bona) a Hebrew University/Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Collaboration. January 2018.


    Referee, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

    Referee, Journal of Moral Philosophy

    Referee, Synthese

    Submission Referee, Graduate Student Conference, 2015 (Syracuse)

    Coordinator, Syracuse Graduate Working Papers, 2013-2014 (Syracuse)

    Coach, Undergraduate Ethics Bowl Team, 2012-2013 (University of Nebraska)

    Graduate Student Liaison, Department of Philosophy, 2012-2013 (Nebraska)

    Coordinator, Graduate Student Research Colloquia, 2012-2013 (Nebraska)



    American Philosophical Association

    American Association of Philosophy Teachers